My Law Story- Shreya Somani (NALSAR 2022)

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice.”

My mom and dad always pushed me into a direction to treat people the correct way and always asked me to stand for justice. It was they who wanted me to aim for law for the same reasons. I, however, always work in small circles and my main aim has always been to make my parents happy, which was why I took CLAT. But never did I know that clearing CLAT and coming to NALSAR was just the beginning to one hell of an adventure.

It was the initial months of my 12th grade when I took things seriously and set my priorities. I specifically remember talking to my senior at NALSAR about what exactly it is to pursue law and that influenced me a lot and inspired me to write CLAT. I think the only reason I could clear the exam and get NALSAR was the fact that I always had an immense support system at home. My parents always stressed upon the fact that sometimes you know for certain that someone can work towards greatly impacting the society. The fact that they believed in me and thought that I could be that person is the main reason what drove me everyday (and it still does!). There were definitely times when I would not score well and got upset but, if you know and are sure enough of what you want then quitting or having a back up is never an option. And in my case I knew why I wanted to achieve the specific goal, so pushing my own limits became very normal.

I would also like to thank my tutor, Mr. Shashank Singhal for clearing out my basics and helping me with basically everything. He encouraged me at every stage and gave me a direction on how to go about time management and deal with all types of questions in the paper. He was the one who motivated me to give 128 mocks from various coaching institutes which also helped me in coping up with the fear of facing CLAT. One of the major things that I derived from giving these many mocks was to stick to the time I would allot to each section and attempt only those questions for which I would be one hundred percent sure and avoid negative marking. I’d always enjoy doing math! So, that was my strong part in the exam. Other than that, solving logical reasoning was also fun. My strategy for the exam included loads and loads of practice and I used to solve questions from all the five sections daily to maintain a flow. I focused a lot on vocabulary and critical reasoning since they were my weak points.

The journey of getting through a national level competitive exam is very tough but, all those efforts lead to fantastic results. Trust me, it unknowingly teaches you many things and the hard work does pay off! It is just my first semester over here, but my inclination towards law is just increasing by each passing day. Now I have the capacity to look at something and think about it in ten different ways. It is an exploring and developing experience!

Best of luck with your own legal journey!

Shreya Somani